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As we rush into a Green Future, we are here to help with new Magnetic design.

Engineering skills can be difficult to recruit or resource. Today engineering skills in magnetics are in even shorter supply. The UK Magnetic Technology Centre offers scientific and engineering skills in a wide range of areas with a successful history of Magnetic design, stretching back decades.

There is a world-wide rush towards Green technologies. Many of these involve the use of Rare Earth magnets, including Neodymium (NdFeB) and Samarium Cobolt (SmCo). It is also necessary to consider the magnetic circuits that these magnets are used in and this cannot be done in isolation. Dealing with magnetic designs is a very different skill set to the more “normal” types of engineering. Practical skill sets not only impact upon effective designs, but safety in manufacturing.

These “magnetic” skills can be hard to recruit and often require more than one expert to get a new product or service to market. There is also the ongoing engineering considerations of obsolescence replacement and production problems that all require specialised knowledge to successfully manage.

The UK Magnetic Technology Centre is able to undertake projects from fundamental physics research through to pre-production build, utilising an extensive team of experienced scientists and engineers, to carry projects from concepts in physics, through electronic and mechanical design, dedicated and embodied software to pre-production build and testing. This broad spectrum of capabilities is available for your project, without the need or stress of in-house recruitment.

The UK Magnetic Technology Centre (UKMTC) offers clients in-house skills and capabilities to enable such projects as:

  • Taking an aspect of fundamental physics and carrying it forward to prototype product build and beyond.
  • Productionising new or existing designs.
  • Solving Magnetic problems in existing production.
  • Obsolescence redesign.
  • Offering advice and consultancy on Magnetising, Demagnetising, Characterising and measurement of magnetic materials and magnetic fields.

Our capabilities are based upon decades of front line industrial magnetic experience and include in-house practical experience of:

  • Magnetic Research
  • Magnetic fundamental design conception and modelling
  • Detailed Magnetic design
  • Power Electronic design
  • Electronic design – digital, analogue, PIC etc.
  • Software design and creation –embedded and PC based Mechanical Design
  • Prototype design
  • Prototyping build and testing
  • Small batch production.
  • Consultancy
  • Training
  • Pre-patent application service

The UK Magnetic Technology Centre offers a wide range of skills that may help to move your products or services forward.

Magnetic Research

Experimental Physicists are able to take magnetic phenomena, analyse them and deduce how to turn those principles into new products and services.

Magnetic fundamental design and model

Taking Magnetic principles and turning them into sound product concepts, modelling their performance.

Detailed Magnetic Design

2D and 3D FEA software and years of experience enabling workable magnetic circuits to perform as required in a demanding market

Magnetising/Demagnetising and measurement

How to magnetise products in assembly to the best effect, incorporating quality control measurement. A need often overlooked in the design process until it is discovered, to prevent avoidable difficulties in production. By considering the magnetic and magnetising processes early in the design, an overall optimised production line can be designed.

Product Design

The UK Magnetic Technology Centre can ensure that all aspects of a new product or service design can be orchestrated to offer a fast and effective route to market.

Power Electronic design

Switching and control of power electronics associated with Green technologies, up to 5000v and in excess of 50,000 Amps! (As well as more normal levels of voltage and currents). Design, implementations and testing is available.

Electronic design: Digital, Analogue and Microcontroller

Detailed electronic design and prototyping of circuits, PCBs and whole systems that are necessary for new products and their support.

Software design and creation; embedded and PC based

Decades of experience of C, C++, C#, Python and even assembly languages for dedicated, microprocessor control circuits and well as PC based software, for your products and services to be incorporated and to communicate with a wider world.

Mechanical Design

In house Solid-Works CAD is used to create detailed 3D mechanical designs, including electrical wiring. Full 3D CAD enables us to take your designs and work directly with them or provide you with a solution that you can integrate into your design.

Prototype Design

The UK Magnetic Technology Centre can help you avoid high tooling costs by using techniques that need a lower outlay.
Revision control/Product Life cycle management (PDM) systems are used to control design and ensure the most up to date designs are being manufactured and a history of changes is recorded and fully traceable.

Prototype Build and Testing

The proof of a new product is in the testing. There can be a need to produce small numbers ofa new product and test them to confirm performance and identify weaknesses. Our in-house systems and network of engineering suppliers can quickly produce low volume and prototype systems for testing.

Small Batch production

There can be a need to produce small numbers of new product without having to gear up your own production and still keep things under control.
In-house ERP can be used to control production in a form that can be immediately adopted for scale production.


Sometimes your team faces a problem and just need pointing in the right direction. Decades of experience can move matters forward with confidence and speed. From help with small specific details to the design to implementation of full turnkey solutions, we are here for you.


Magnets can be difficult to handle. Magnetised magnets, which are not handled correctly, can be dangerous. Before you go into production, you need to ensure your operators know how to control production, test quality, and avoid risks.

Pre-Patent application services

When a new idea needs protecting, a Patent is often necessary. However, turning that idea into words that are structured to give the best benefit can be sorely needed before the Patent Attorneys are involved. UK Magnetic Technology Centre are not Patent Attorneys, or even agents, but we can create a description that will meet what the Patent Attorneys are looking for..

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